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Cultural landmaks in Trogir

Sightseeing landmarks in Trogir is a real pleasure. It is a small town, so all landmarks are located in a small area which is easily accessed simply by taking a walk, and soon after that, you'll realize why this town is listed under UNESCO protection. Start your sightseeing tour from Renaissance city doors (main city entrance near auto and bus parking lot). Above these doors, you can see a statue of patron saint Ivan Orsini. Near that, you can find a city museum which offers a nice review on Trogir's history. It is open from 9 am till 14 pm, from Monday till Saturday.

Cultural landmaks in Trogir

Most famous city attraction is St. Lovre's Cathedral, whose construction started in 1213. on a place were old cathedral used to be. Main part of cathedral was finished in 1250. Cathedral's bell tower was built between 12th and 14th century, and it's top offers a breathtaking view. When inside cathedral, make sure to visit St. John's chapel, built in 1468, which is one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in Dalmatia. Other masters were also credited in decorating this cathedral. Narrow bell tower was built by Matej Gojkovic in early gothic style, but he finished it's second floor in decorated gothic style. On the end of doors, you can see a baptistery from 1484 which was built by Andrija Alesi, who also made this cathedral more beautiful. One more master from Sibenik, Nikola Firentinac, is "responsible" for rich decorations on st. Ivan's chapel. Near cathedral, you can find city hall built in 14th or 15th century. During past years it had many purposes, and it was even a courthouse once. Inside the city hall you can find relief by Ivan Mestrovic which illustrates Croatian ban and Zagreb's bishop Petar Berislavic, who was killed in 1250. in a battle against Turks.

Outside the cathedral you san see a work by Nikola Firentinac, a relief on a courthouse facade from 15th century, as well on statues on clock tower. East side of city square is surrounded by two palaces. Older one is smaller and with beautiful triforias. New one has late gothic triforias on first and second floor. On east side of the city, make sure to visit St. John the Baptist's church with magnificent doors and bell tower. You can see stone sculpture "Pieta", by Nikola Firentinac inside the church. There is an impressive fortress Kamerlengo on the coast, which used to be connected to city walls. It was built by Genoe citizens in 14th century, and 1941 was a place where fascists committed massacre against local citizens. Memorial stone tomb represents this sad happening.

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