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Where to stay in in Trogir

Trogir is a beautiful, lively coast city, near Split (it is actually really close to Split's airport, so you can easily get to Trogir from that airport). City itself is placed on a small island which is completely under UNESCO protection as a cultural heritage and it offers interesting landmarks. Trogir is a relatively small city, but much more accommodation options can be found on nearby island Ciovo (connected to Trogir with short bridge), which has many beaches, too. In the old part of Trogir you can find few hotels with two, three stars and one four star hotel. They are all relatively small family hotels. Besides hotels, in the old part of the city you can rent apartments, too. Also, you can go to island Ciovo and find yourself accommodation there. It offers many apartment renting options, some of them even being higher in the mountain. Make sure to think it through, especially if you're not really fond of long up-the-hill walks during hot summer months.

Where to stay in in Trogir

Prices go from 35 euros, for a room in a mini hotel Grbesa (Ciovska 20 street). Their rooms are actually small apartments which you can rent and in which you can make yourselves your own meals. For 70 euros you can stay in hotel Villa Moretti. Room rent in family hotel Mravac is usually around 40 euros per person, and hotel itself is placed on a coast of island Ciovo. It's an old shepherd's house protected by cool shades of nearby trees, and rooms are really modern and comfy. You can spend your afternoons relaxing in a grass garden. They even have ready to use summer kitchen and barbecue, if you want to try your culinary skills. In Trogir, you can find many hostels, too. One of them is placed on St. Jacob's square, street number 7. Visitors reviews are pretty nice and positive. Hostel offers affordable accommodation, and it is close to few shops and few nice bars. Owners will give you any information that you require, and will even make dinner for you, if you order it.

Now let's say few words about hotels. Most Croatian hotels have either three or four star, and only few of them are truly luxury hotels. Hotel Aparthotel Bellevue (three stars) is placed near Trogir's city centre. On first floor you can find few shops with most basic groceries. All rooms have air conditioning. One more affordable hotel is called Tragos (three stars as well) and it is placed in Budislavljeviceva street number 3. It is a very comfy traditional building with it's own restaurant. Only flaw is that it has got no elevator.

If you're a lover of a luxury places, the perfect place for you is Divota Apartment Hotel with five stars which is located in Plinarska street 75. It is a small hotels in city center which offers anything you'll possibly need for unforgettable vacation.

Parking can be a huge problem in Trogir. Near island Ciovo, there are a lot of apartments for rent, but not enough parking space for everyone. On the other side, Trogir's old part attracts a lot of visitors on a daily basis. However, there are a few parking lots right next to old city center. On that old part, you can find two parking spots. From there, it only takes 10 minutes of walk to get to the city center. Parking spots in city center are very rare, and price is 15 kunas per hour. Island Ciovo has two more parking lots, but during summer it can get so crowded that driving to them can take up to few hours. It would be much better if you just stayed on the land part of Trogir and found yourself a parking spot there. Prices are usually between 6 and 8 kunas per hour, depending on the time of the year.

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